What Is NaviBridge?

NaviBridge is a smartphone app that sends locations you search for to your car navigation system with a single touch and sets them as your destination. It comes in iOS and Android versions, and both are free.

What Can You Do with NaviBridge?

You can search for locations by keyword or address, and then send them to a compatible car navigation system.
You can receive locations from a third-party app or the map application that comes with the OS.
Locations you search for can be saved to your bookmarks or contact list.
You can select favorite locations and create routes.
You can share location info via Email and SNS.
You can create groups with your friends and share your locations with each other.

How to Get NaviBridge

Search for “NaviBridge” on the app store or use this QR code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about compatible car navigation systems and compatible smartphones
NaviBridge itself does not have navigation capabilities. It is an application that connects your smartphone to your car navigation system so you can send destinations found on your smartphone to your car navigation system.
NaviBridge is released under the name “NaviCon” in Japan. Functionally, it is the same app.
NaviBridge cannot connect to incompatible car navigation systems. For more details, check the list of compatible car navigation systems.
Here is a list of compatible smartphone models on which we have successfully tested NaviBridge.
NaviBridge can be installed on most smartphones not listed here, so please try it in any case.
In order for NaviBridge to connect to a car navigation system, the car navigation system must be compatible with NaviBridge’s communication method.
For that reason, NaviBridge cannot be made compatible with incompatible car navigation systems through updates.
Questions about car navigation connection failures
There are three Bluetooth connection types that need to be configured individually on your car navigation system: the Hands-Free Profile (HFP), the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), and the Serial Port Profile (SPP).
NaviBridge uses SPP, so check if your settings are configured to allow SPP connections.
Additionally, if you are using an Android device, you need to select the car navigation system you are connecting to in the NaviBridge app. Using the NaviBridge menu button, check Settings ⇒ Select Navigation Unit to see if the navigation system you are using is selected.
There might be an internal system data problem with your smartphone.
Try resetting (iOS) or restarting (Android) your device.
If it still doesn’t connect after resetting or restarting your device, there might be a communication problem between your car navigation system and your smartphone. In that case, see the answer to the next question.
Check the following settings.

* Is your smartphone’s Bluetooth turned off?
* Is your car navigation system’s Bluetooth turned off?
* Is your car navigation system’s smartphone connection functionality turned off?
* If you have an Android device, is the car navigation system you are using selected under the NaviBridge menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ Select Navigation Unit?
* Has the car navigation system you are using been deleted from the list of registered devices in your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings?
* Has the smartphone you are using been deleted from the list of registered devices in your car navigation system’s Bluetooth settings?

If these settings are correct, some other problem is causing communication failures between the car navigation system and the smartphone. Erase the connection device data on both the smartphone and the car navigation device, and then re-register the devices.
Questions about operation and functionality
By using NaviBridge’s server backup feature for bookmarks, your bookmarks can be retained when you upgrade to a new smartphone model or uninstall and reinstall NaviBridge.
You can configure bookmark backups via the NaviBridge menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ Server Backup.
For some reason, a communication error between your smartphone and the server has occurred.
See if turning the server backup setting off and then on again solves the problem.
Additionally, bookmark backups might not be possible if the name of a bookmark contains unusual characters (symbols, emoji, or characters from minor languages).
If that is the case, delete the character in question from the bookmark name.
Other questions

If none of the answers above solve your problem or you have a question not listed above, please contact us using the “Contact Form” link below. We cannot answer questions posted as app store reviews.